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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Over And Out

After having started off on Blogger and WordPress simultaneously, I have decided to stick to WordPress... (I think, I hope).

Blogger has a very consumer off-the-shelf feel to it, which I don't like. I don't know if I'm even making sense.

Just to make it interesting, I might import/export my post from time to time. For thrills only :)

As of now, for me the grass is greener on the other side. How about you?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange But True

Yesterday I dreamt of... Steve Irwin (?!).
I am not even joking.

I have no idea how/when/what... but he was there, along with his wife who also made an appearance. It's not like I think of him all the time, or anything even remotely close. It's just that he was THERE.
It was at a restaurant, he had just said something to his wife (some kind of confrontation moment with her)... don't look at me like that?! I'm not making this up.
Anyways, so like she was all grim faced and kept staring down at the table, while he was just looking about at people walking across.

The End.
Oh and both were wearing their khaki suits.
This is so disturbing. Why me??!

Btw, then today I dreamt of Brangelina. I mean like, THE Brangelina. I swear to god. Both were in white shirts, that one scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And I just kept looking at thier legs and thinking, oh wow they have such nice legs. I wish I did too.
This was even more disturbing. Why me??!

Monday, November 27, 2006

On/Off K.

for someone I love 'very much'

I wish everyone was lucky enough to get to know a person like you.
But then again, they wouldn't be termed 'lucky', as it would be a regular passing routine for everyone.
[So I guess, i'm lucky... and grateful.]

IF every other person was like you, or similiar to you... then you wouldn't have been so special.

I wish I didn't sound so lame.. puhhleeze. But then again, I can't help it.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Goddamnit. Like, Seriously

Dear ::Herbal::Vi4GRA and =SizeDoesMatter=,

How are you?

I just wanted to tell you to stop wasting your time sending me those precious emails.
I'm a female. In no circumstances, in the near future, would I ever be using your products.
I'm not even committed, so I could have forwarded your emails to my partner. Then we could have made use your services.

Please go away and leave me alone.

Thanking you in advance.

Kindest regards,

Made My Day

love you Z.

("It's out of stock. Only at the Duty Free.")

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


We're back in action.

Told You So

As I was saying...

Yeah so.

The reason why I don't like it here is because, just a few minutes ago I published my earlier post, and for some bizzare reason my whole content page has shifted to the bottom of the web page.

And check out that blue bar at the very bottom. It's just trying to fly off to the edge of the page. You wonder why it's so pissed off.

Someone at probably doesn't like me...

In my humble opinion

I'm not having as much fun blogging, as I thought I would :(
I thought it would be a liberating experience for me, but that hasn't happened yet. I dunno.

Could be the fact that I want to keep this blog anonymous, and so I have to be careful what I say here. Not to give away too much.

Don't want to include anything too personal here.. or any depressing, sad, emotional talk. Get's too boring and monotonous afer a while... ('oohh look at me, I am so cool beacuse I can talk like Aristotle. Yayyy').

Also, I prefer to write instead of this typing crap. Writing it out on paper, makes it more personal and gives character to what you have to say. But here, it's all in the same font (I know i can change that accordingly. whatever). Also, the template is too rigid.. if you know what I mean.

And last but not least, if I had something to say, I'd rather talk to someone face to face, or on the phone... not pour my heart out to my monitor!

I know you're probably thinking to yourself: 'Then what are you doing here? Just go find some other place.'

I read quite a few blogs regularly. Actually, almost on a daily basis. Have been reading some for 2 years now. That was my inspiration. Or at least I am now attempting to figure out what's it all about.

I'm still waiting... and trying to discover if I have what it takes to be a blogger.

Monday, November 20, 2006

am i up for it?

"Most people do not want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility and most people are frightened by responsibility"
- Sigmund Freud


Sunday, November 19, 2006

double-sided tape

There's always:

.. a simpler way to say things.

.. and easier way to do things.

.. a lighter side to every situation. EVERY situation.
(which does not include offending anyone, making fun of someone, degrading them.. nothing along those lines. Just pure harmless innocent 'lighter side', which could just lighten up the other person and make them see the other side of the situation.. or not be so uptight about whatever.)

you have to see it, and make the most of it.

It makes things easier for other people. And you never know, you just might make a difference to them in some small way... which could be part of a bigger picture somewhere.

(hmm.. not bad. I sometimes really totally impress myself so much that it's not even funny.)

Monday, November 13, 2006

yeah correct

Writer's block! .. goddamnit

When I'm away from the PC, I have so many things in my mind I want to blog about, but once I'm here.. It's all blank. I've also created another blog on wordpress ( .. not that I'm running out of space to write!
I feel the templates for blogger are too 'candy-floss' ish. I dunno. Unless of course I start playing around a bit and come up with my own thing, but that'll take some time. For now, no choice.


Has it ever happened to you that you're in a meeting, which has been going on and on, to the point where you're completly out of it all.
  • floating in space
  • thinking about the things you have to do when you get home
  • what's for lunch
  • people to call
  • items on your shopping list for the weekend. woohooo
  • trying to transcribe in your head, that phone call you had last night and going over the whole conversation analyzing it word by word...

and then all of a sudden you realize that everyone in the meeting is staring at your face, waiting for your response to a question that has just been asked... (when did THAT happen??)

And then you have a Rangeela - Aamir Khan moment, and go:
'Yeah.. Correct. Correct.'

It has happened to you?! REALLY?
Well, tough luck sweetheart. You need to FOCUS, be alert, pay more attention... Do you want to remain a loser. *shudder*

Because, like... I mean, it has never ever happend to me.

Like ever.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First post.

Had been contemplating to start a blog, since the past 8-9 months.

Let's see if I like it here.