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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In my humble opinion

I'm not having as much fun blogging, as I thought I would :(
I thought it would be a liberating experience for me, but that hasn't happened yet. I dunno.

Could be the fact that I want to keep this blog anonymous, and so I have to be careful what I say here. Not to give away too much.

Don't want to include anything too personal here.. or any depressing, sad, emotional talk. Get's too boring and monotonous afer a while... ('oohh look at me, I am so cool beacuse I can talk like Aristotle. Yayyy').

Also, I prefer to write instead of this typing crap. Writing it out on paper, makes it more personal and gives character to what you have to say. But here, it's all in the same font (I know i can change that accordingly. whatever). Also, the template is too rigid.. if you know what I mean.

And last but not least, if I had something to say, I'd rather talk to someone face to face, or on the phone... not pour my heart out to my monitor!

I know you're probably thinking to yourself: 'Then what are you doing here? Just go find some other place.'

I read quite a few blogs regularly. Actually, almost on a daily basis. Have been reading some for 2 years now. That was my inspiration. Or at least I am now attempting to figure out what's it all about.

I'm still waiting... and trying to discover if I have what it takes to be a blogger.

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