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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange But True

Yesterday I dreamt of... Steve Irwin (?!).
I am not even joking.

I have no idea how/when/what... but he was there, along with his wife who also made an appearance. It's not like I think of him all the time, or anything even remotely close. It's just that he was THERE.
It was at a restaurant, he had just said something to his wife (some kind of confrontation moment with her)... don't look at me like that?! I'm not making this up.
Anyways, so like she was all grim faced and kept staring down at the table, while he was just looking about at people walking across.

The End.
Oh and both were wearing their khaki suits.
This is so disturbing. Why me??!

Btw, then today I dreamt of Brangelina. I mean like, THE Brangelina. I swear to god. Both were in white shirts, that one scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And I just kept looking at thier legs and thinking, oh wow they have such nice legs. I wish I did too.
This was even more disturbing. Why me??!

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