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Monday, November 13, 2006

yeah correct

Writer's block! .. goddamnit

When I'm away from the PC, I have so many things in my mind I want to blog about, but once I'm here.. It's all blank. I've also created another blog on wordpress ( .. not that I'm running out of space to write!
I feel the templates for blogger are too 'candy-floss' ish. I dunno. Unless of course I start playing around a bit and come up with my own thing, but that'll take some time. For now, no choice.


Has it ever happened to you that you're in a meeting, which has been going on and on, to the point where you're completly out of it all.
  • floating in space
  • thinking about the things you have to do when you get home
  • what's for lunch
  • people to call
  • items on your shopping list for the weekend. woohooo
  • trying to transcribe in your head, that phone call you had last night and going over the whole conversation analyzing it word by word...

and then all of a sudden you realize that everyone in the meeting is staring at your face, waiting for your response to a question that has just been asked... (when did THAT happen??)

And then you have a Rangeela - Aamir Khan moment, and go:
'Yeah.. Correct. Correct.'

It has happened to you?! REALLY?
Well, tough luck sweetheart. You need to FOCUS, be alert, pay more attention... Do you want to remain a loser. *shudder*

Because, like... I mean, it has never ever happend to me.

Like ever.


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