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Monday, December 25, 2006

You know you want to...
(this is the last time. I promise you. I hope)

Thursday, December 21, 2006


... is a state of mind.

Can be good, bad or ugly.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kaiko Ban Kiya...

{ }

This is highly entertaining. I promise you won’t regret it.
Choose a scene, then add your own subtitles.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


From The Daily Mail:

"The swirling fiery cloud dotted with twinkling stars could be the product
of an artist's wildest fantasy, for the cover of a science fiction novel.
But it is, in fact, all the universe's own work. Taken by the £770million
Hubble Space Telescope, the image is of one of the Milky Way's best-known
constellations - Sagittarius.


When astronomers thought there was just one star, it was measured at 300
times the size of our sun. The two, or three, stars, in the cluster known as
Pismis 24, are each still thought to be 100 times bigger. The bright light they
give off excites gas and dust in the cloud, creating spectacular colours."

I cannot stop staring at this picture.
Looks like a place where fairies would live. I want to be a fairy.

Beautiful Day

'Rain. Feel it on your fingertips.'

The weather is lovely.
It's raining.

and I'm stuck in an office with no windows.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Technical Difficulties

(Because WordPress has some issues with exporting to Blogger, I have decided to copy-paste my posts. I am sure there has got to be an easier, more tech-savvy way of doing this. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I am very lame, and have nothing better to do.)

But for all the LIVE action you can always go to, I know you want to, but are too lazy to click and go the next page because that would probably mean waiting for 0.12 seconds for the page to load, and you'd rather do something else...or maybe you prefer to click on the 'Congratulation, you are the 999,999th visitor on our site' banner instead. Well, you know what. Whatever. See if I care. Well, actually I do. But I'll pretend not to.
Anyways... get ready. Here it comes:


'I want candy'

I need to add some colour in my life.

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Dhoom: 2

'Yeah, we got all insipired by the whole Mi:2 thing'

The movie was good. A bit over-the-top, but not all that bad as some people have said.

Abhisehk Bachchan. He is one of my favourite actors. And I love the way he dances. I also have plans of marrying him in the near future. However, I was a bit disappointed. Or maybe I was expecting too much.He tried too hard to play the cool-suave-rude boy cop. While on the topic of cool-suave-rude boy cops, one example that come to mind is Akshaye Khanna in 36 China Town. His execution of the character was perfect.All the other characters in D:2 were so in your face, they tired to make him stand out as well, in some subtle borderline hamming way.Having said that, I do still love your style Abhishek!

Uday Chopra. Whatever little ‘consideration and compassion’ I had for him, was ALL lost after going through an ordeal called Neal ‘n’ Nikki. So we are not going to waste any additional time.I think he needs someone like Nagesh Kukunoor or maybe Sanjay Leela Bhansali, to shape up his career.
UC, you just can’t keep running home boy. aur woh bhi All. The. Time!

Hrithik Roshan. For all those people who are complaining that the film was not that good. Just one look at Hrithiks performance is complete paisa vasool. I am not/was not a huge fan of his, before. All his previous movies were too candy-floss, where he was made to look like a pretty boy. But after watching D:2, I have changed my mind.
Thank God.

Bipasha Basu. Looked stunning!I really wish they had just continued with her Sonali Bose track in the movie, and not introduced the bimbo Monali in the second half. It was quite disappointing. She was wasted.But still looked stunning!

Aishwarya Rai. hmmm… was… too perfect.

Actually, she looked a bit too thin but wasn’t looking that bad. Oh no, no wait… her make-up!Where to begin. Her make-up, well part of it, was fine. In fact while watching the movie I was making mental notes in my head on all the colours and techniques used especially for her eye make-up, so I could do that too!However, I just couldn’t understand what was going on with her foundation! Seriously. It’s like whole bottles of concealer were emptied under her eyes for each take. Even in those scenes were she had that supposed nude/sun kissed/no make up look, her foundation was just way too obvious. I mean, if I were to rub it off with a cotton pad, it would just get consumed by all the layers of foundation and disappear into infinity.I hope someone proves me wrong, though. So I can die of jealousy, or shoot myself for being such a loser and not taking care of my skin the way I should. The way we all should. So then people would also think that I have put on layers and layers of foundation, when in fact that IS my real skin. And then all you losers would go and look at yourself in the mirror and be ashamed of yourselves.Coming back to Sunehri. Su. Neh. Ri. Everytime she’d say “Like. Funny guy.” I just wanted to…


Aale Re

'Tujko dahka laga to main kya karoun'

‘Dil behelta hai mera… Aapke aaja ne se’
- Khudgharz

After watching the recent promos of Bhagam Bhaag and Salaam-E-Ishq, I have come to realize how good it feels to see Govinda back on screen!
After years of making fun of him, his clothes, his over-acting, his fight scenes… and his dance, now watching him after such a long gap feels so good. Brings back a lot of govinda-days memories. :)
Also you notice, they way he dances… no one does that anymore! All the actors seems to do the same things, copying each others styles, they all look similiar. No style shyle at all. Nobody does it like him.


The Break-Up

'So noone told you life was gonna be this way'

So like, it doesn’t really make a difference how good looking you are-how well you maintain yourself and be hot and happening- not even if you’re the sexiest woman ever…
In the end all men are assholes.
And they will always be ever-ready for a short fling or stumble across a replacement, even if its temporary.

I mean if someone like Jennifer Aniston gets walked over twice, I don’t think we -women- have an excuse.
Just don’t ever look down upon yourself and think ‘oh, I’m not good enough’.

It’s them.

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OK. DONE. I Won't be doing this copy-paste thing everytime. So just save me the trouble and click on my other link.

Please. Your time will also come one day.