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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


From The Daily Mail:

"The swirling fiery cloud dotted with twinkling stars could be the product
of an artist's wildest fantasy, for the cover of a science fiction novel.
But it is, in fact, all the universe's own work. Taken by the £770million
Hubble Space Telescope, the image is of one of the Milky Way's best-known
constellations - Sagittarius.


When astronomers thought there was just one star, it was measured at 300
times the size of our sun. The two, or three, stars, in the cluster known as
Pismis 24, are each still thought to be 100 times bigger. The bright light they
give off excites gas and dust in the cloud, creating spectacular colours."

I cannot stop staring at this picture.
Looks like a place where fairies would live. I want to be a fairy.

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